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Freelance position for Italy
Our company Blu Global is focusing on hiring specialists from European countries to work in the UK. Mostly we are hiring candidates to work in fields of healthcare, transport, Telecommunications, IT and Warehousing. At the moment, our company is looking for Freelance Recruitment Consultants in Italy to join our successful and expanding team. As a recruiter, you would be working from Italy, but would be partnered with a Blu Global Consultant already based in the UK and already involved in the sourcing and placing of many candidates from across the Europe. Your job description would be finding us the suitable candidates from your country, who are interested in working in the UK.
As a Recruitment Consultant, you will be your own boss without time or target pressures. You will have all the training and tools to effectively attract and put forward quality candidates from 16 countries within Europe. There are no boundaries to where you can work and if you have contacts and groups that are in other countries within Europe then you are free to discuss all the opportunities with them. 
We offer an attractive re-numeration structure for this role:
- Standard’ Payment Package: 100 euros per placement (carers, drivers, telecoms, FLT, warehouse, standard construction)
- Specialist’ Payment Package: 250 euros per placement (nurses, doctors, IT specialists, management, specialist construction)
All Specialist packages will be identified separately and the exact payment value will be confirmed to you.
Information about the selection process We will be in Milano on 24th of April and in Rome on 25th of Aprilhaving a meeting with all the candidates. If you are interested in our offer and want to attend the meeting with my directors, please send your CV in English, ASAP, as he have only limited number of spots available.
Data pubblicazione: 13/04/2017
Ristorante a Talloires (Alta Savoia, Francia ) Recruta secondo chef e cameriere/a
Posto libero immediatamente, contratto a tempo indeterminato.
Offriamo alloggio. In caso anche per il nucleo familiare.
Buon salario.
Richiesta conoscenza della lingua francese OBBLIGATORIA.
Il ristorante è situato sul bordo del lago di Annecy e ai piedi delle montagne. Talloires è un'oasi di pace in cui si trovano degli chef di eccellenza.
Inviare CV all'indirizzo mail :
Data pubblicazione: 31/01/2017